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2023/2024 Travel Teams

Thanks, everyone for a great SAYBA tryout!

Teams have been formed for Grades 4 and 5 are posted below.

Teams have been formed for Grades 6, 7, and 8 and are posted below. 

Grade 3 will be updated at a later date.

Couple notes:

  • We are still working on coaches for a few teams and hope to have that finalized shortly. If you see TBD listed on your players team and are interested in coaching, please reach out to your grade rep.
  • Practices generally start the week or two after MEA (end of October) or first week in November with an official season start of November 1st. Players can only play on their assigned SAYBA teams during the SAYBA season with a few exceptions (see handbook for details).
  • Coaches meeting will be set soon to go over tournament selection (grades 4-8) and other details. Please start looking ASAP as tournaments feel up fast.

Girls Travel Teams

Sartell G4 Sartell G5 Sartell G6 1 Sartell G6 2
Addison B. Addison P. Adrianna (Addi) P. Abigail L.
Catherine S. Addison S. Anna P. Avaya B.
Evie M. Addisyn M. Brynn S. Briella L.
Juno G. Ainsley H. Harper S. Madalyn O.
Kylie P. Amelia P. Kyla A. Madison M.
Marin D. Elise D. Mila O. Makayda L.
Mazzilyn C. Grace T. Rylie N. Penny M.
Molly F. Harper J. Teagan H. Sophie T.
Nellie O. Hayden S.
Paige R. Jasaya J.
Pyper P. Julia K.
Sawyer P. Lana H.
Scarlett S. Lauren B.
Taylor R. Logan F.
Madison S.
Nora N.
Coach: Kourtney Piepenburg Coach: Katie Martin Coach: Jeff Sailer Coach: Anders Meier
Sartell G7 1 Sartell G8 1 Sartell G8 2
Billie R. Addison G. Anna W.
Bren P. Ella E. Faith T.
Brooke S. Evelyn Z. Jillena Jo W.
Cailin D. Kamryn B. Kennedy P.D.
Emma K. Kate T. Kylah F.
Haylee Y. Kennedy L. Natalie K.
Kenzie P. Olivia O. Rosabella C.
Mabel C. Peyton M. Sofia M.
Mya R. Sydney F.
Sari G
Coach: Tom Seidl Coach: Jess Lewis Coach: TBD
Sartell B4 - Blue Sartell B4 - White Sartell B4 - Black
Benjamin P. Bryce F. Brooks R.
Jack P. Carter H. David B.
Kubrick D. Ethan P. Easton H.
Leo V. Gavin G. Jackson S.
Ryland L. Griffin G. Jaxon O.
Simon D. Jack M. Joey H.
Teagan H. Jordan O. Matthew T.
Truman O. Keagan V. Shayden S.
Trygve M. Oliver H. Silas B.
Weston B. Wesley R.
Coach: Cory Peeters Coach: Brent Frikken Coach: Tosh Brinkerhoff
Sartell B5 1 Sartell B5 2 Sartell B5 3
Carter P. Brody P. Bentley H.
Colton S. Cannon S. Charlie G.
Drew O. Colton N. Dominic F.
Everett W. Cullen H. Dominic C.
Jackson B. Henry P. Eli E.
Jax G. Ira C. Leo Bus.
Landry S. Isaac S. Levi N.
Leo Buc. Mason D. Liam M.
Luke D. Matthew H. Quintin C.
Sam O. Owen S. Wyatt T.
Coach: Raleigh Woodruff Coach: Mark Dingmann Coach: TBD
Sartell 6B 1 Sartell 6B 2
Breon P. Alex W.
Carson M. Brecken L.
Charlie V. Dylan B.
Cooper H. Isaac D.
Jacob L. Jack W.
Jacob S. Jaden S.
Kameron L. Jaxon M.
Keelan T. Kason G.
Lincoln B. Kyle K.
Mason W Landon H.
Oliver R.
Wyatt M.
Coach: Kai Lewis Coach: Jonathan Ruis
Sartell B7 1 Sartell B7 2
Aries B. Bekett S.
Dylan S. Cam R.
Easton D. Dominic R.
Elijah M. Isaiah M.
Ethan R. Macoy C.
Grady R. Max B.
Joe O. Rob P.
Landon V. Ryland G.
Taylor C.
Coach: Brennen Rath Coach: Caleb Curry
Sartell B8 1 Sartell B8 2 Sartell B8 3
Aiden R. Cameron K. Aiden B.
Cayden F. Ben G. Cohen G.
Daylon H. Franklin S. Colin P.
Deven S. Ian M. Jack H.
Emmitt H. Jack M. Liam M.
Evan P. Jafton B. Mason R.
Landon F. Jackson M. Preston D.
Mitchell M. Jaxson P. Sasha H.
Will S. Liam B.
Coach: Trisha Schumann Coach: Joe Bahen Coach: Adam Heathcote