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Sartell Area Youth Basketball Association

Mission:  SAYBA will provide programs which develop skilled and competitive basketball players in our community.  SAYBA is dedicated to encouraging self-confidence, positive attitude, team work and good sportsmanship through the game of basketball.

Looking for Basketball Camp Summer Options??

Our Sartell Girls and Boys Basketball programs are offering a basketball camp the first week of summer. Information is located in the Sartell Community Education Catalog that you can find linked below.

Sartell Tournament Update

Tournament Details - Please refer to the tournament page for more.

  • Boys Grades 4, 6, 8: February 27 (Saturday)
  • Boys Graders 5, 7: February 28 (Sunday)
  • Girls Grades 4, 5, 7: March 6 (Saturday)
  • Girls Grades 6, 8 : March 7 (Sunday)

Bracket and Tournament Updates

February 27 ad 28 brackets posted! March 6 & 7 brackets posted!

UPDATE 12/31/2020 - SAYBA Season to Resume as Follows:

We are excited to get back on the court. This being said, we have been given additional guidance on what the remainder of the SAYBA season will look like. As always, state and federal government agencies can amend guidelines at any time.

First: As mentioned last week, practices are able to resume January 4, 2021 with some updated guidance. January practices for SAYBA will be posted today with each team currently scheduled for one practice a week. We are looking into the possible use of schools, when kids go back, and will add an additional practice per team when able.

During this stage, no games or scrimmages are allowed outside the players assigned team. All players and coaches will be required to wear masks, at all times, and no spectators will be allowed at practice.

Second: Competition (games and scrimmages) can resume January 14, 2021 with some updated guidance.

During this stage, all players and coaches will be required to wear masks, at all times. Currently no spectators will be allowed at practice or games. See comments below around this.

Additional guidance on competition and gameplay with other teams is forthcoming with more guidance on Spectator allowance as well.

Updates to Return to Play (COVID-19 Sports Practice Guidelines for Youth and Adults)

Additional guidance has recently been put in place by the MDH to help reduce community spread in youth sports. The full Updated Return to Play Document (Updated 12/28/2020) can be found at the following link. We ask that all parents review this document in full detail and discuss with your player as well. Following these guidelines will hopefully allow youth basketball to continue through the remainder of the season.

COVID-19 Sports Practice Guidance for Youth and Adults (

Some highlights are as follows:

  • Face coverings must be worn by all persons at all times, including practices and games. NO EXCEPTIONS FOR BASKETBALL! This follows the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines as referenced in a link below.

    • See above link for the type of face coverings allowed and CDC recommendations.

    • Face covering must cover the nose and mouth completely.

  • Spectators are not allowed at this time (practice or games); however, this does not prevent a parent, guardian, or support person from being present if necessary due to a participant’s age, disability, or medical condition. See link above for details around the noted exception.

  • Continue screening of players and family members should occur daily. No player should attend practice if they or a family member are sick.

  • Participants must maintain 6 feet of social distancing when not actively playing (team meetings, side lines, waiting for a turn).

  • Practices to be kept small in size. For youth organized sport practices (non-game or competition activities), it is recommended to create pods. Pod sizes cannot exceed 25 people per pod. A “pod” is a group of individuals that only practice or play with members of their own pod, which limits the potential for transmission in the event of an exposure or outbreak.

  • Carpooling should be discouraged as much as possible.

  • Do not share individual water bottles or towels. No food to be brought to practice.



We continue to align with MYAS/MYBA. This insures uniformity and consistency in all youth and adult sports throughout the state of Minnesota. As a result of this connection universal COVID-19 policies and procedures have been implemented as requirements and recommendations by MYBA associations for which SAYBA plans to align with. These details can be found in the following link: myba-return-to-participation-manual12-30.pdf ( We ask that all parents review this document in full detail and discuss with your player as well. Following these guidelines will hopefully allow youth basketball to continue through the remainder of the season.

Note: Non-compliant associations will not be allowed to schedule games, participate in association basketball tournaments, or participate in MYAS-sponsored tournaments

While this all may be overwhelming at first, this is the next step to starting practices and getting back to competitive basketball games/tournaments.  Any questions please reach out to a board member (preferably your assigned grade rep) or your coach. Additional training for coaches will be occurring this Sunday as well.

Open Board Spots

We will be looking to fill the following board positions at our October General Meeting: Communications/Secretary, Tournament Understudy, and 3rd Grade Rep. If interested please let a board member know.

Return to Play Plan

COVID Contacts

Please contact with positive cases, close contact and questions. Also contact your coach as well.

Additional Fee Update - 1/7/2021

Due to the mandated Pause on Youth Basketball that occurred in late November 2020 through January 3, 2021, SAYBA is currently reviewing what amount of additional fees will be collected for this season. Additional fees, as referenced at registration, were set at the following and were initially going to be collected in January 2021 (these are outside the initial $200 registration/holding fee): 3rd grade at $0, 4th grade at $75, 5th grade at $85, 6th & 7th grade at $100 and 8th grade at $125. Family max of $650. Thanks for being patient with SAYBA as we navigate the unusual season. Note: additional fees will not be more than initially advised to members.

    REMINDER: Weather Related Issues

    Just a reminder that when school is closed (or closes early) due to weather related issues, there will be no SAYBA practices those nights.  This is for the safety of the players and parents, regardless of if the practice was at one of the schools or the community center.

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